As we move toward being a more health conscious society, Precision Fitness TT will supply hydroponic grown lettuce and other produce to our local market, in collaboration with our sister business Lorrycott Hydroponics Ltd. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants that takes advantage of this fact by providing all of the nutrients, in their inorganic form, in a liquid solution with or without solid media.
There are many benefits of hydroponics systems:

On the production side, hydroponic systems allow for greater stability in crop production, leading to fewer shortages. Concurrently, crops are also grown in shorter harvest cycles which also leads to a steady supply to meet your needs.

We are committed to supplying long term volumes based on your requirements.

There are many benefits of hydroponics systems:

More Nutritious

Crops are richer in nutrients – Nutrients are delivered straight to the plant roots via water versus plants which are required to search for nutrients in soil.

less toxins

Less toxins - No chemical weed or pest control products are needed when operating a hydroponic system.


More efficient use of resources - The systems are closed and will recycle the water that is not used by plants.